White Lotus School
Spiritual leader of the White Lotus School,
white magician and bioenerget Annaya
from Russia

If you want to contact Annaya, please write to
Communication and personal consultations with her take place with the assistance of an interpreter.


About school

The task of school is to increase awareness, through training in working with a subtle plan, through the disclosure of individual innate abilities of people.


A feature of our spiritual school is the understanding of spirituality through the everyday material aspects of simple life. Master Annaya reveals how the correct understanding of life gives you the ability not only to influence her, but also to grow spiritually and develop influencing and building your life as a creator.

However, in an infinite creation there are rules, rules and conventions, observing which you can reach heights without destroying the world around you, but only improving it. Otherwise, the case of your desire to achieve what you want can be destructive for the rest of the world. The balance and harmony of all is a very important knowledge of the integrity and unity that the Russian magicians and spiritual masters learn.

Master Annaya conducts magical practical lectures on various topics, organizes trips to places of power and conducts private consultations and energy work.

About the material
A short video of the lecture in English to have a concept of the teachings of Annaya you can see at this link.

The main content of the site in Russian. All events and lectures from the school are held in Russian.

When an English-speaking group is selected, an interpreter will be invited. The whole magical work and communication with the angels does not require translation, for it is perceived in the language of the heart. ;-)

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